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Custom website design or building a site with WordPress are two of the most popular ways to launch a website for your business. WordPress website design allows you to create a professional site with endless features without needing programming or coding knowledge.


WordPress Website Design

You can quickly and easily launch your online platform by purchasing a ready-made site or opting for a WordPress website design. In fact, designing a website using WordPress is a powerful method for creating and managing a website. It allows users to design their dynamic website according to their needs rapidly, with the help of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

The AryaPortal team, composed of top experts in the field, is a reliable choice for creating your professional website.

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Various WordPress Website Design Services Suitable for Your Business at AryaPortal

Design and build your business's WordPress website with the highest quality and endless features.

E-commerce Website Design
Business Website Design
Educational Website Design
Tourism Website Design
Medical Website Design
Classifieds Website Design
Service Website Design
Book Reader Website Design
Restaurant Website Design
News Website Design
Insurance Website Design
Real Estate Website Design
WordPress Website Design Pricing

Get your WordPress website designed with endless features and at the most affordable price by the professional team at AryaPortal.

Corporate WordPress Website

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  • Design According to the Highest Standards
  • Building a Professional Corporate Platform
  • One Year of Free Support
  • Full training of the panel to the customer
  • Designing the appearance according to the existing themes
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E-commerce WordPress Website

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  • Design According to the Highest Standards
  • Online Store Platform Development
  • One Year of Free Support
  • Full training of the panel to the customer
  • Designing the appearance according to the existing themes
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Custom WordPress Website

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  • Design According to the Highest Standards
  • Appearance design that suits your needs
  • One Year of Free Support
  • Full training of the panel to the customer
  • Appearance design that suits your needs
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Factors Affecting the Cost of WordPress Website Design

Since WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS), designing websites using this platform typically costs less compared to custom website development. This is why many people refer to it as an affordable website design option. However, the overall cost of building a WordPress website depends on several factors, including the amount of data and the complexity of the website, the required plugins and features, and whether ready-made templates or customized designs are used.

On the other hand, custom website design generally incurs higher costs. Building a website with a custom CMS requires you to consider the expenses for coding and designing every element of your website from scratch, in addition to the usual costs like hosting and domain purchase. Although WordPress sites can be customized, many businesses prefer to design their websites from the ground up.

1. Identify the Needs and Goals of Your Website Before Starting
Clearly outline what you need and expect from your website before beginning the design process.
2. Specify the Features and Elements Your Website Requires
List the essential features and components that your website must have.
3. Use Ready-Made Templates Instead of Custom Design
Opt for pre-designed templates to save on the costs of custom design.
4. Purchase Essential Plugins and Utilize Free Plugins
Buy only the necessary plugins and take advantage of the many free plugins available.
5. Manage Costs According to Your Needs, Such as Choosing Different Quality Hosting Options
Tailor your expenses to your specific needs, for instance, by selecting hosting services that fit your budget and requirements.
6. Use Free and High-Quality Content Production Resources
Leverage free resources for generating quality content for your site.
7. Start Professional SEO and Marketing Services
Begin with professional SEO and marketing services to increase your website's visibility and reach.

What steps should we follow to order our project with AryaPortal?

Steps for Ordering and Payment at AryaPortal Company

Step 1

In the first step, after the website design project is approved by the client, the project owner pays 45% of the project cost as an advance payment.

Step 2

Next, after the advance payment, the design of the website’s user interface and user experience begins. Once the design is approved by the client, 30% of the remaining project cost is paid.

Step 3

In the final step, after the website design is completed, the project owner must pay the remaining 25% of the cost after the final testing.

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We lead and create the ideas and needs of our customers through the WordPress platform.

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Typically, creating a professional WordPress website for standard projects takes between 20 to 60 working days. However, the exact timeframe will be determined after reviewing the specific features and custom requirements of your website or online store.

After completing the design of your website, the AryaPortal team will provide full technical support for three months. Once the initial one-year contract ends, you will have the option to renew the contract for another year if you are satisfied with our services.

You can contact the AryaPortal marketing team and share the complete details of your project with us. After reviewing the specifics of your business activities, the AryaPortal marketing team will recommend the best WordPress website design package tailored to your needs.

According to AriaPortal's policies, 30% of the project cost is collected upfront at the start of the project. The remaining balance will be settled in one or two installments.

You will have full access to all administrative features. Additionally, you can create separate accounts for different individuals with varying levels of access in your admin panel.