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Chabahar Azad Zone Miracle Tree Cultivation and Industry Company was established on October 3, 1400 with registration number 4001 and as a private company, but specialized activity since July 1, 2019 with the cultivation of Moringa trees and Salicornia plants in Chabahar Azad Zone with an area of three hectares. It started and is always developing and expanding in that area.

The miracle tree cultivation and industry mega project follows the following additional activities based on the set goals and plans:

  1. Cultivation of Moringa tree and Salicornia plant
  2. Purification of urban waste water with an exclusive and unique method of moringa seed gel
  3. Using moringa tree leaves to fight food poverty
  4. Carbon sequestration
  5. health tourism
  6. Animal husbandry and beekeeping
  7. Support and protection of endangered native species
  8. Development of related industries
  9. Employment

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